Wednesday, January 28, 2015


   Hi friends! Hope you all are doing great! I've been in this power-mode for awhile where I can't stand not doing something proactive. I've just been goal-oriented and ready to make power moves. I wouldn't have felt this way if it wasn't for reading fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's gal-power book, "If You have to Cry, Go Outside: and Other Things your Mother Never Told You." It's about her life and giving career advice for those who are interested with working in the fashion industry. I definitely recommend this book to anyone that just needs motivation to live their life and dreams. If you're not a big reader, then I suggest you watch her show Kell on Earth, which is now streaming on Netflix, yay! It basically shows you what it is like working in a fashion PR firm with famous designers like Jeremy Scott and other cool brands! Is there any show/book you're hooked on? Let me know so I can add it to the list! 

   Oh hey, I went to the museum today!

Photos by Elizabeth
Ankle Boots: H&M (similar)

   I had the amazing chance of working with one of my favorite stores, Tobi! For those of you who had never heard of Tobi, it's an online fashion boutique based out of California. I had an option of choosing several items of my choice to style for the blog. I received the Sweet on You Romper, which is seriously the cutest thing ever! It has adjustable shoulder straps and lace detailing that adds a romantic touch to the romper. And hey, did you notice that I called it a romper? Yeah, that's the best part, it's a romper! Hello freedom to sitting whatever way I want lol. I then styled it with some H&M ankle boots that I got on sale and a dog-tag necklace. 

   I wanted to make it a bit edgier but still keep it soft so I layered the romper with my very first choice and instant love from Tobi, the Cruising All Night Coat in Blush. It is seriously the edgiest thing I have in my closet that's not black lol. Not to mention that it's really soft and keeps me warm on this 60 degrees nights. And lastly I put on my Too Catty Sunglasses to add some sass and to hide my face from strangers while taking photos.

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Monday, January 19, 2015


Hi friends! How's your 3-day weekend going? lol. I'm getting a bit more motivated now since I've been busy and a day of online shopping therapy. Seriously, shopping does wonders to my mood, haha. No wonder why I'm a blogger, huh?

A few weeks back I had a chance to collaborate with my old friend Ivan, who happens to do photography on the side. It was definitely a new experience for me, but a cool way to branch out and get comfortable shooting with different photographers besides my boyfriend. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty awkward and unnatural when it came to poses as you can probably tell below, haha. A lot of people, were complimenting both Ivan and I a lot which definitely gave me more confidence. Have you guys started taking photos for blog with various people yet? Was it awkward? lol. ♡ 

Photos by Ivan Sanchez                                                                                  
Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico  
Fringe Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar)
Basic Tee: Image
Knitted Sweater: Wet Seal (Similar)

Yes, I know you guys are probably tired of me wearing the same trend, but I can't help it! It's honestly the easiest way to dress during the winter. A basic tee with openings on the side, layered with a color-pop oversized sweater from Wet Seal, some "too-lazy-to-put-on-some-pants" leggings, and my signature wide brim hat and Night Watch Cutout Booties from Calico (which was originally $68.00 but is on sale now for $27.20!). I also bought this awesome staple necklace from Forever 21 just for $10 on sale! Seriously, I've been bargain shopping like crazy! lol.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. As usual, it's been awhile since I posted up a blog post (I'm so sorry!). I'm going through the worst artist block ever at the moment and it sucks. I just feel when I have so much time on my hands and I have so less to do, it bothers me. That usually happens when I'm not in school and/or working. It's something that I'm currently battling with and I hope it will pass once I start school again. In the mean time, I've been doing little baby-steps to help improve my state and make me a better person. This usually starts by creating 3 commitments at the beginning of the day and some how fulfilling them. My three commitments of the day was eating a healthy breakfast, taking pictures for the blog, and not staying up pass 11pm today, lol. Is this something that you might be interested in doing?

Today I was hanging out with some friends and looking for a good location to shoot at, and what-do-you-know. We ended up at our old high school! It was nice going down memory lane again lol. Also, you're going to see that there are a few pictures with this random guy in there, yeah, please do not be afraid. That is just my good friend photobombing me lol.

Shorts: Thrifted
Tawny Boots: eBay (similar)

Today's look was inspired by my 16yr old self lol. I was all about the giant vintage movement (and still am) and wanted to bring it back, but without the thrift items. Forever 21 is having a BOGO free on all the sale items (STILL HAPPENING) and I couldn't look away from this knitted cardigan! I mean you can't have a vintage winter look without something knitted lol. From there, I layered it up a Wet Seal basic tee, Crystal & Casings Turquoise Howlite Double Chain necklace, my thrifted shorts with sheer distressed leggings, cute designed socks, and my tawny boots. I'm honestly not wearing much, but can you believe that I wasn't freezing my butt off?! Right?! lol. 

Friday, December 12, 2014


So, who else enjoyed the rain the hit us today in the U.S? Wasn't that pretty neat? Well not for me because I really wanted to take pictures outside today, but I was not willing to be wet and cold at all. The struggle, lol. I kinda spent my day playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix and watching Supernatural ( I'm barely on season 2 -____- ). I honestly feel inspired like crazy and want to reinvent myself somehow. Maybe a haircut? New Make-up trends to try? Hello 2015 me, trying to bust-in all super early, lol. I know we all have New Years resolutions, but how are you trying to reinvent yourself for the new year? Let meh know! ♡

Marble Crystal Necklace c/o Crystal & Casings
Bustier: H&M ( similar )
Pants: Zara ( similar )

Yes I know, I'm wearing the practically the same colors as the last post and they both have something in common. Adding a bit edge to a sweet look or vice versa. I dearly love the powder pink + black combination for winter. I think it's totally refreshing instead of just an all black look. I bought this H&M bustier back in October for my last minute Halloween costume (I have no idea what I was) and I really wanted to wear it again! I had no idea how I would style it into a daily costume until I realized I had the same shade of pink on my H&M fuzzy cardigan and my hand-me-down Zara pants! From there, I added of course my signature Calico hat, Crystal & Casings marble necklace, and Topshop sliders. Finally to add some edge, I put on my Deandri suspender harness! 

Monday, December 8, 2014


   It feels soooooo great to be blogging again! I can't believe how busy I was with school and working at the same time. I literally had no time for myself whatsoever. Kudos to those who go to school, work, and blog! You must be so damn good with time management, lol. Any who, how is everyone doing?! It's been so long since I've actually looked at my blog lol. I hoped everyone had a great Thanksgiving and looking towards the holidays as much as I am. Jeez, I have no idea where to start with my current life to be honest. I'll probably leave that to another post because there's just SO much. Ahhhhh, sorry that I'm all over the place, I'm just so excited!  

Photos by Zain Light
Marble Crystal Necklace c/o Crystal & Casings

So I've been so obsessed with matching an all black outfit with a pop of color lately. I matched my H&M powder pink fluffy cardigan to soften up this all black outfit. My favorite piece of this outfit is my custom-made Marble Crystal Necklace from Crystal & Casings! It's such a classic touch to this look that adds more texture then just the fluffy sweater. The satin bralette is so freakin' cute too but unfortunately I'm not that full around the chest area so it's kinda of loose on the sides, hence why I wore my cardigan lol. Psh, no way am I going to waist money on a garment and not wear it lol. Finally, I wore my Night Watch Cutout Booties from Calico and I have not taken them off ever since I got them. There's so many way of dressing these babies up or down. Have you guys been seeing a lot of "pop" of color added to all black outfits this fall?