Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Like every +19 year olds, we're out in the world trying to find our own identity and what makes us unique. That can be quite difficult when we have so many influences upon us such as celebrities, friends, and (insert social media platform) famous people. From what I've learned these past few weeks is that you can't really get away from these things, unless you live in cabin somewhere in the forest and have profound survival skills lol. The next best thing is to keep yourself busy and to live your own life. I understand that all these social influences can be tempting and yes, it doesn't really hurt to keep updated, just don't get too involve in it. If you like what someone is doing, get inspired by it. Set goals and don't dream because dreaming takes no type of action. Being on this world is a whole growing experience so take your time to live. You're only young for so long, unless you're a vampire, then you'll live forever.
Bucket Hat: Borrowed, Crop Top: DIY, Shorts: Vintage, Shoes: Vans

I really wanted to do a mini DIY project so I made myself a crop top out of an old t-shirt. I never thought I would be apart of the whole streetwear trend of bucket hats, but I'm falling pretty hard for it. I guess I'm can of fashionably late *pa-doom pssh* Okay, that was pretty lame.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I was reading an article today that really upset me. I want to point out that everyone has their own type of beauty and no one defines what it is but you. We're all humans and should be treated equally no matter what the situation is, but I guess I can dream about my own utopia. The world isn't perfect so you shouldn't be either. We all have our flaws and still learning to accept them. My personally flaw? I'm definitely insecure about my teeth (why I never really smile in my pictures) and how I should act around people. I'm insecure about my speech and my social anxiety, I hate being judge by the simplest thing so I just sit there and keep to myself.

No matter what your flaws or fears are, accept them. I know, easier said then done. Well let it be a journey to you and just try things you wouldn't normally do like waking up in the morning and smiling in the mirror. It may sound lame but the simplest things you do daily can affect your self-esteem and your whole day!

Just know you guys aren't alone and keep smiling everyday!

Medium Sunflowers Crown: Como La Flor, Stripe Tank Bodysuit: American Apparel, 
Sunflower Print Shorts: American Apparel, Schoolz Sandals: Steve Madden

Once again, I want to thank Como La Flor for my lovely Medium Sunflowers floral crown. I totally forgot I had my sunflower print shorts from American Apparel so it's a miracle that I have a matching crown now! I think in order to wear my floral crown, I had to relax my hair so the crown can pop out more.

If you follow me on instagram (if you don't, what are you waiting for?! @AlexisSplash), you may recognize this outfit from last summer on an outfit grid. I never had a chance to actually record this outfit to my blog. I think I should be an Earth Fairy now and live off in the forest forever... until I get hungry and crave french fries lol

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My world is not in the right position lately. I'm either in a outfit block, uninspired, or my mind is on another thing. Either way, I need to get my priorities straight. Maybe it's the fact that I'm never really home, so I should just start recording my adventures, but then again, I need a working camera...

Excuse me while I in 3rd person so I can figure out what the hell I need to do in order to be that girl I was before I moved to California. Is it the lack of personality that I'm currently sheltering due to change of environment? Do I feel like I'm home yet? Or maybe it's the lack of motivation that I'm not allowing into my life. Whatever it is, it is affecting my life quite a bit right now.

In order to get out of this - whatever you want to call it, artist block, maybe - I started a routine of working out, eating food in the morning (which I never do), and making sure my surroundings is somewhat neat (I still need to work on that).

That's enough of me loathing around, I hope I didn't get you guys depressed!
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The Grace Crown: Como La Flor, Necklace: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Crop Top: Heritage 1981, Shorts: The Vintage Closet, Shoes: Vintage

Too brighten up the mood, look at my cute ass floral headbands I got from one of my favorite little shop, Como La Flor! I had some hand bands from them previously but unfortunately they got ruined so this girl was a happy camper when they offered to send me some more! Not only are they precious, but they're definitely perfect for Spring or if you're one of those lucky son of a guns who's going to Coachella! They're not expensive at all and have great quality. Make sure to check out their store and follow them on instagram! || @_comolaflorcrowns

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Saturday, March 22, 2014


It's a miracle! I'm actually outside taking photos outside despite my shyness (after my my marathon of The Amazing World of Gumball of course.) 

Anyway, I went job searching again yesterday and I felt like I was SO close to getting a job at Forever 21. There was only one thing that kind of got in the way which was just a mistake on my application. If I work there, I would probably be the happiest gal in the fashion world. Let's hope that I get a call back soon for an interview! Fingers are definitely crossed. 
Sunglasses: Wow Vintage, Being Bad Tote Bag, Hellz Bellz, Kimono: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Tribal Crop Top: Forever 21, High Waisted Shorts: Vintage, Schoolz Sandals: Steve Madden

Speaking of Forever 21, I am so in love with this tribal bustier from Forever 21! It's totally perfect for this upcoming music festivals, if you're that lucky son-of-a-gun. This outfit (obviously you can tell) is inspired by music festival looks. If I was going to one, I would wear this the first day! This look is actually combined with the festival must haves:
  • Crop tops
  • High waisted shorts
  • Chunky sandals
  • Big sunglasses
  • Kimonos
If you want to stay on trend while you're out with you're awesome friends, make sure to bring these!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey kiddies! Guess what? This bish is finally in California, well I kind of have been here for a little over a week now... But any who, I've been trying to settle in this pass week while balancing out my social life which is nowhere near balance. I've spend 3 days in Van Nuys with my best friend and holy crap, I went to 4 different malls and walked half of Melrose ave. Of course I'm already going a little broke (damn you Melrose for having cute ass clothes and Potato Corner for having good ass fries!)

I'm currently trying to find a job within clothing retail, but so far I have not got any calls back so let us pray to the pizza gods so somebody will hire me.

Now that I'm kind of settling in, I'll start posting my outfits again!

Sunglasses: Thrifted, T-Shirt: American Apparel, Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: eBay

Pretty simple for the first outfit post of California, right? I want to wear a pretty bold color today and the only way you ca make the color bold is to wear something pretty simple. OR you can be pretty lazy and through whatever together and still make it work. Of course I couldn't wear this outfit without some type of pattern so I had to pull out my leopard print shoes I bought from eBay!

P.S: Noticed how there was no weather report lol

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