Friday, June 12, 2015


   Hi friends! Hope you guys aren't suffering heat strokes like I am today. I literally just want to go to the beach and attempt to go swimming (a.k.a just dip my feet in the water). Well I have good news and bad news. Good news, I'm leaving off to my new home in Santa Monica! Bad news, I won't have a camera for awhile so I don't know what my blogpost consistency will be like. I'm pretty bummed about that, but I promise I'll save up fast to get a camera soon. From now on, follow my Instagram and Snapchat, yeah? @AlexisSplash 

I'm making this nice and short because I haven't packed anything and I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

Photos by Zain Light
Hat c/o Calico
Sandals: Nasty Gal (similar)
All eyes on the Nasty Gal bodysuit, please. Yes, let it sink into your eyes and soul because this is the best thing  I have in my wardrobe right now! I first saw the bodysuit on Erica Lavelanet of The Fashion Philosophy and instantly fell in love! When I went to go buy it, it was already sold out! So I waited, and waited, and waited. Until it finally came back in-stock! I purchased it in a size small, which ended up being a little bit big around the arms. It does fit true to size, I just bought mine in the wrong size. I made a giant sacrifice and sold my favorite UNIF jacket on my Depop just so I can buy this bodysuit. Am I a little salty about it? yes. Do I regret it? never.  Unfortunately, the bodysuit is already sold out and I haven't found anything similar. You can always request to get an email to notify you when it restocks.    

   Of course, I'm in this "All Black" phase right now and I'm really trying to get out of it. I promise next blogpost will consist of color. Pinky promise. By the way, I apologize that I always leave my stupid scrunchie on during my shoots. It's just a horrible habit of always having it on incase of a hair-emergency.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


   Yay, happy summer break! School is finally over and now I can get back to my regular schedule of blogging and watching anime lol. After my last final, I met up with my boyfriend to go take pictures for the blog. What seemed like a simple day turned out to be so much fun! We went to the art museum and they had an amazing art exhibition. Unfortunately all the pictures of the art were on my snapchat and I forgot to save them like a dweeb. I managed to get one photo, which you'll see scrolling down some more. Afterwards we went to the Famers Market and had some delicious street tacos and Italian danishes. It was so good! It's always fun to go to your local community events and support the small businesses. ♡

Photos by Zain Light 
Hat c/o Calico
Moto Jacket: Brandy Melville (similar)

   Today's look is based around this super comfy Motel Rocks cotton button-down I purchased from blogger Joellen Lu's Depop. I was really in need of a new basic white collar shirt and when I saw this, my eyes started tearing up from joy. The shirt dress is a perfect length where it covers my butt and has a perfect size pocket for my phone lol. I mean I still have to wear shorts underneath because it was so windy that day that the dress actually flew up.

To complete this look, I wore a Brandy Melville Jacket I borrowed from my friend (thanks Shyla ♡), my Brash Booties, and of course my signature hat from Calico. ♡

Saturday, May 30, 2015


   Hi friends! Long time, no read. Spring semester is finally over (well technically next week) and I have WAY more time and motivation on my hands now. As you can see I kinda went through an identity crisis and went blonde and got tatted up ( I'll get to that in second.) I'll be moving in 2 weeks to Santa Monica to attend SMC so I'm super excited. It's a change of scenery, people, and more importantly food. My cousin cooks amazingly so I'll be stuffing my face non-stop. How is everyone else doing? Aren't you glad this semester is finally over?

Hat c/o Calico
Sandals: Nasty Gal (similar)

   Ever since I dyed my hair, I've been wearing nothing but black. I'm not quite sure how to wear my hair now where it doesn't clash with what I want to wear. If you have any tips, let me know because this has become a real challenge for me. I wanted to show off my tattoos so I put on this crop tank I bought from eBay and layered underneath is my all time favorite Unif Salem Bra to add that harness feel to it. Then I of course put on my Zara jeans because they make my butt look nice lol. And finally I finish the outfit with the Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Alkali Flatforms. I felt like the flatforms adds a pop to the look where it just isn't a bland all black outfit.  
   Now I'm going to talk about the totally cool Ink Box tattoos I have. Ink Box is a fruit-based tattoo kit that dyes your skin to look like a real tattoo for two weeks. Every tattoo is is hand-cut and their ink is certified organic. It's a no-pain no-gain type of deal, which I love! I've been dying to get a tattoo but too terrified of the pain. These are my first tattoos from them and it came out pretty good, even the fact I did everything with one hand lol. I HIGHLY recommend them if you're not ready to make a commitment with a tattoo or like me, afraid of the pain. Make sure to check them out and let me know if you bought any! They has tons of stencils to choose from! Also, a percentage of every sale goes towards supporting local indigenous communities in Panama, where their ink is from. That's real important to me because that's where my family is from so please help out! ♡ 

Sunday, April 19, 2015


   Well Spring Break is over, well, I mean it was over last week but I kinda took an extra week off from school (horrible idea by the way). I'm currently playing catch-up with my whole at the moment, haha. But while I was on Spring Break, I spent my week in Santa Monica with my cousin and went out to eat like every other night lol. I also got to hangout with my Valley friends that I've known for maybe 6 years now! They're probably one of the most interesting people I know! I got to hangout with one of my best friend Shyla, who has a strong interest in photography. She actually took these pictures while we were hanging around Melrose and buying organic ice cream like crazy. Definitely one of my best times out there. Make sure to follow her IG for great fashion & art photography @SHYTEALATTE.

Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico

I actually forgot how the weather changes from hot to cold instantly once the sun goes down, but hey, I rather freeze then look good ya know? I finally got a chance to wear my Brash booties from Chinese Laundry! I've been eyeing them forever now and I found them for a good discount on Poshmark

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


   Hi friends! It's a pretty late post but I wouldn't have time to work on it until I got out of school. One thing to know about me, I'm so lazy that it actually helps with getting work early.... sometimes. Anyway I'm going to make this a pretty short and simple (just like me) post. 

Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico
Cat Denim Jacket: UNIF ( Sold out everywhere )
Fringe Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar)
Micromesh Shirt: American Apparel ( BUY NOW )
Shorts: Thirfted
Socks: Windsor
Fringe Booties c/o Heavenly Couture

Yes, it's that time of the year. Bring on the booty shorts, thigh high socks, and all things animal print. It's festival season guys and unlike the cool bloggers, I shall be resting my ass at home watching Heros or re-watching Cowboy Bebop and taking a self defense class. But there is always that "if I would've of gone, I would wear this" factor. Yup, just the usual dramatic prints with dramatic edge a.k.a "I'm going to a festival but don't talk to me" look. 

Oh yeah guys, I made a DEPOP! I'm trying to get rid of some clothes (like the American Apparel Shirt I'm wearing here) I don't wear so I can save up for a car because adulthood. Please check it out and shop my closet! ♡

So much for short, huh?