Sunday, September 14, 2014


Very tired. It seems like all I post about is me being tired and just wanting to eat and sleep all day, but I can't sadly. This post was supposed to be up 3 days ago but I lost my SD card! I was seriously freaking out about it because I wanted to blog that night. Lucky for me, I found it the next day -  in my baby sisters backpack for some reason? Like, I don't even want to put in much thought into it because I just don't care because I found it lol. It sucks that I have the worst memory ever. *le sigh*

Joni Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico (similar)
Bullhead Jeans: Pacsun (similar
Fringe Booties c/o Heavenly Couture (similar)
Necklace: Image

I don't know if you guys noticed, but I've been into wearing black pieces with denim. I seriously think that's what I'm going to be wearing all Fall! I had to bring out my Very Vile Hentai Jersey before the cold winds come out of nowhere and be horribly cold. And everything else, I'm sure you're sick and tired of me wearing these already. I'm sorry! (but not really)

Also, out with the gold, in with the silver. Having basic metallics like this can really give your look a subtle pop. My first purchase were these blank dog tags from Image. I'm stocking up on all the silver I can now. I think this season is the season of silvers, denims, and black(at least for me)! What do you guys think is going to be big this season? ♡

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So. Tired. Need. Food. Hows your week starting off? Hopefully good! Um, nothing new in my life besides the same-o, same-o. School, Work, eating non stop. I don't know about you guys but I need some new shoes! I don't remember the last time I got a pair. I'll probably be posting a wish list soon.

Plaid Top: Ralph Lauren
Sandals: Thrifted

This tank is giving my life right now. Not only is it made out of a light material to endure the heat, but it's explaining my whole college experience so far in one sentence. Are you kitten me right meow? Like, I'm so done and tired with school. It's already the 4th week! Sheesh, lol. I've been dressing pretty casual because of this reason. I mean, you seriously can't go wrong with Spicy Avenue's boyfriend jeans and thrifted sandals. Of course, add a plaid shirt tied around the waist for some attitude and you're good!

*On a good note, enjoy this picture of me enjoying this artistic booty.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I'm starting to get a hold of things now, and I'm pretty freakin' excited! I have time to blogz now, yay! Also, I'm currently having a dilemma right now. My birthday is coming up on Monday (September babies woot, woot!) and I have no idea what to wear. Pretty weird for a fashion blogger to say, right? Well most people dress up on their birthdays but my birthday lands on a Monday, the most hated day of the week! On top of that, I have to go to school and work afterwards so I guess I'm pretty screwed right now. *le sigh* What would you wear if you were in my situation? D:

Thigh High Socks: Forever 21
Tawny Boots: eBay (similar)

These photos were taken actually a week ago and I'm now just barely putting this outfit up. I won these purrr-fect (yes I went there) kitty overalls from Ivy Supply's giveaway hosted on LA's Blog. Aren't they freakin' cute?! I wanted the print to pop out more so I decided to just go with the color scheme and just wear my Rawk Tank, thigh high socks, and my tawny boots I purchased from eBay. It's actually more of a Fall type outfit but I can't wait that long to wear them! I'm sure I can style them a whole different way. 

**Ironically, I'm not a fan of cats due to a childhood experience of one scratching the crap out of me. Doesn't mean that they're not uber cute though, lol.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hey everyone! Hope you guys are doing great! Obviously you can tell that I've been beyond busy with school, working, and homework. But I think I finally found the time to fit blogging into my hectic schedule. Yay!

What better way to comeback than having some exciting news for you! I'm proud to be apart of Chictopia x JcPenney collaboration! Whether I'm at school or work, I love to dress comfortable while showing my personality through my outfits. Clothes should never cover you up at all, but express yourself and letting everyone know how awesome you are! Remember, when in doubt, go outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Show the world that you're ridiculously you.

Joni Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico (similar)
White Pocket Tee: Image

You guys have no idea how obsessed I am with this Arizona Jean Co. salt and pepper duster sold exclusively at JcPenney! I can literally wear it in the summer without worries of being overheated because if the light knitted material. It has pockets too, which is a major plus! I decided to dress super casual so of course I had to put on my wide brim hat, Basic white pocket tee, Boyfriend jeans, and slip-ons, making the duster pull all the pieces together to make it one casual look. Fall is just around the corner too so I can literally style it with really cute dresses and knee high boots, but lets wait on that later lol. Hope you guys enjoyed the post! 

Friday, August 22, 2014


School has started and I'm way beyond busy now! I have yet to work out the kinks of my routine yet, but I promise there will be an outfit post soon! For those who are interested, I am a Clothing & Textiles major working to get my A.A. If there's some awesome projects that I'm doing, I would love to post them on here to give those a glimpse of what the classes projects consist of. Anywho, that's my life update!

Here are my recent discoveries that I've bookmarked! Tell me your favs!
NYLONshop Favorites
I know all of us are no noobs when it comes to the stylish Nylon Mag, but have you actually looked at their shop? NYLONshop carries all your favorite brands on one website! It's the best way to discover new, upcoming, and independent brands and boutiques. Seriously, I'm in love!
8. Happiness / Skull Karl Tee 

Young Hungry Free is a boutique based in Singapore that carries goth-like clothing to the bare basics. What really caught my eye was that almost everything on the website is trendy like the monochrome look as well as minimalistic. Definitely bookmark them if you're down with the monochrome-goth style!
Front Row Shop is an online retailer from Shanghai that carries fashionable products from clothes to shoes. Carrying many trendy clothes, you can be "front row" of this online fashion show to be in the know and VIP.

Accessory Concierge was started by two Dallas girls who met early in their corporate jobs. They had an awesome idea to start doing flash sales on their Facebook page, which sold out instantly, thus Accessory Concierge was borned. They still do these sales if you're interested. It's every Monday & Wednesday at 8pm!

Did you guys catch the pattern of my favorite picks? Yeah, they're all monochrome pieces with boho jewelry. Odd mix? No such thing! lol. I have to say that I'm obsessed with Front Row Shop (as you can tell). You definitely have to bookmark that online store! Until next time!