Monday, July 21, 2014


In all honesty, all I'm thinking about is food. As lazy as that sounds, I really just want food.

On another note, I'm finally on my day off and working the rest of the week. I have the right to be lazy, right? I still have so many things to do though! I still have to work on my monthly haul video, go out to Echo Park Thursday and come back the next day and then work some more. Not to mention I have to start preparing for school. Can I just hibernate for the next two weeks please?

I recently held a photoshoot for some people (me taking the photos) and got paid for it! What's the first thing I did? I treated myself of course. I thought of a piece of clothing that I really need and then it hit me. High waisted pants! I don't know why I haven't bought a pair of these yet but I'm so glad I have them now. What's the first thing that I check for in clothing besides looking cute, being comfortable. The pants fit me very well and even stretches! They have back pockets which is perfect because that's where I usually hold my phone at. I also bought my first jelly flats, which were only $10.99! Believe or not, they are so comfortable and I can last all day in them. 

Are you guys still diggin' the jelly trend or was that so last summer?

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Work and friends do not work together at all. After work last night, I went to Sonic happy hour for some milkshakes with a friends and was some how out until 2am, not knowing that I had work at 10am. Yeah, I know. I'm an idiot that apparently "can't hang," lol. It was a fun weird night though! After Sonic, we went to a friends house and played UNO and I ended up winning! Yeah, I used to play that game everyday in my freshman year of high school lol. Then we somehow ended up watching Mean Girls (note: I was the only girl there lol). Now just imagine 21 year old guys watching Mean Girls and actually laughing. Such a weird image, right? lol.

Now I'm home and exhausted as hell! Sorry for being inconsistent with my blog. I'm still not used to juggling work, blogging, and having a social life at the same time. Please don't hate me!

Being Bad Shirt: Hellz Bellz

I was going through my closet and noticed I don't have enough white shirts and when I say this, the phrase "you can never have enough white tees" was going through my mind, hence the reason I need more! I bought this Hellz Bellz "Being Bad" tee during their $100 mystery box promotion during Black Friday. Of course Hellz Bellz being my favorite women's streetwear brand because of their badass attitude and women power graphic tees, I couldn't resist it! I made adjustments to the tee so I can actually wear it during the summer. I cut off the sleeves and made it into a muscle tank. I want to give it a distressed look inspired by UNIF so I cut some holes into for detailing. A nice little DIY! ♡

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So I may have taken an extra day off from the world, but I'm back with a little inspiration. It's odd that I took one day off and then suddenly I'm lost in the world. I guess it's one of the weird lessons saying that you can never take a day off from working hard... or somthing. I'm just so happy to be back though. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Also, I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with for a new banner for my blog. I like supporting local artists and I think this would be a great way to get recognized! I'm willing to pay for the work as well! If you know anyone or you, yourself would like to work with me, email me at! Spread the word yo! 

Joni Wide Brim Hat c/o Calico, Top: Thrifted, Bullhead Jeans: PacSun (similar), Boots: eBay (similar)

Here's another basic look where I was too lazy to iron my top and actually stand. Woah there Alexis, you're showing your bra here. What the heck is going on?! Well you see, I think this top is actually in plus size because no way should this medium be falling off of me like this! I really like the basic print of the top with such a light material, perfect for the heat. I paired it with my wide brim hat, favorite Bullhead distressed jeans and tawny boots I purchased off of eBay (woot! woot!). 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Today was my day off from everything-- my day job, outfit posting, taking photos for other people. It was basically a "me" day. I spent my time playing Legend of Dragoons (great RPG!) and scrolling through the world of tumblr. I've found some photos that inspired me and I hope it inspires you as well! ♡

I really like the all white look. I want to start taking more photos at different location to make the outfit pop out more! Fashion tip: Pair a sporty look with a blazer to create a sporty-chic look.

The over-the-top mesh top! I can see this seriously becoming a trend this fall. I would pair it with a duster, light wash high waisted jeans and some Jeffrey Campbell black booties.

The contrast of colors makes this photo look so great. It makes me want to experiment with bright eye shadows with minimum make-up.

This is just a photo of Los Angeles, where dreams come true if you hustle and be patient enough. One day I want to buy a condo in K-Town so I can be surrounded with great food, closer to my friends, and live down the street from Fashion District. 

Besides these people being over the top beautiful, I love the outfit to the left. The monochrome look with the fishnet top works so well together. 

This look actually inspired my outfit from my WOMP. WOMP. WOMP. post. The only difference is that I paired the look with Nikes instead of my favorite booties.

I'm in love with this photo! I'm currently growing out my eyebrows so I can have my natural bushy eyebrow look. I honestly don't know that much about makeup, but I'm doing my research lol.

I love the deep cut of the one piece. I think showing your back is pretty sexy in a classy way. Paired with your favorite jeans and heels, you can style it in so many ways!

Distressed tees. I want them. I need them. 
via OtherUK

I hope you enjoyed this little inspiration post. Which photos were your favs? You can find more inspiration photos on my tumblr HERE. Let me know if you have a Tumblr as well so I can follow you! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Before you guys look at my photos, I want to apologize ahead of time of making a fool out of myself. My septum piercing is crooked. I mean REALLY crooked. Like one side of my ring is like "screw you!" to the other side. With that being said, you can now continue on with the post.

I found this awesome co-ords, well more like it found me, while I was working. Thank god the lady didn't want it or else I would have never found this baby! Perks of working fitting rooms for 6 - 9 hours, muahaha.

Tropical Co-ords: Image (similar), Purse: Miche, Sandals: Thrifted 

What can I say? This palm tree print top and skirt is just the perfect summer outfit. The material is really light so I can endure the horrible heat while looking cute and the pop of colors from the palm trees on the navy blue makes me look like a Hawaiian tourist, which I don't mind at all. At first when I had a little issue with that it wasn't shorts like I hoped it would be but I need a good skirt in my wardrobe anyway. The second is issue is just a little pet peeve. WHY IS THERE BUTTONS ON THE BACK OF THE TANK? Like, wUT? I just don't understand that. If you would like to explain this to me, please do. I would appreciate it! Back to the look, I wanted to keep everything simple so I wore my thrifted old lady sandals and Miche  knitted purse to add a clash of texture. Also, the top was a little longer than I wanted to be so I tied it in a knot to create a crop top look. Noice little summer outfit here, dontcha think? Would you style this look any different than the way I did? Let me know!