Monday, November 5, 2012

It's been two years!

So I haven't been on this thing forever so I think it's time to dust off the shelves and start posting on here again. I'll try to post as much as I can since I have work. I guess I can do a little introduction to what I want to blog about. So, ever since I got my first job, I've been wanting to buy clothes like crazy! But having a job comes with responsibility (i.e: paying for food and crap for my little sister) so I can't really spend that much. Therefore, I window shop! And when I say window shop, I mean ONLINE window shopping. I search through different stores that I find and post the items that I fall in love with. Also, I'll occasionally post up some of my outfits and items that I have bought off the web. I will also like to have certain days where I can post certain things up (i.e: Money Monday! Where I post cutest things under the cheapest prices) and have closet sales as well. Well I think that's enough explanation for that. I'll go ahead and make the first post of the day! X X ♥

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