Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Heart Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Velvet Dress: Swapmeeet, Steve Madden Heels: Rocket Clothing Exchange

I was trying to go for a school girl look again and this what I came up with. It's not all that great, but I think I did a pretty damn good job not having that much clothes because I always spend my money on food. It may not look like it but I am a serious fatass. I love fooooooood! Anywho, I need to get some more shoes because my collection is not all that great, it's actually pretty depressing. I do have more shoes in California, but who knows but God when I get them damn back. I'll be making a post in a bit about my most wanted shoes because there's no such thing as having TOO many shoes. But, there is such a thing as being TOO DAMN BROKE THAT A GAL CAN'T EVEN GET HERSELF A PAIR OF PRETTY SHOES THAT COST OVER $200 DOLLARS (yes, I'm talking about you Jeffery Campbell studded booties). I have to start saving up ASAP but I love food too much, not to mention I pay bills now. Ugh, can't a girl get a break for once?

(more pixz inside!!!!!)

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