Tuesday, January 8, 2013

● ☆ ● ☆ ● ☆ ● Shoe Gazing ● ☆ ● ☆ ● ☆ ●

Why can't all the cute shoes be in my closet right now? For the past 2 months, I have done nothing but play my Xbox or watching Netflix. While I was gone, all the cute shoes decided to come out of the closet of warehouses and into the the MOST expensive stores (but hun, they probably were expensive before they even hit the shelves). Boo-hoo, where here are my top 10 MOST WANTED SHOES that I will probably never own until I stop spending all my money on food. 

1. Sweet Soul Shop Sneaky Kitty Platforms, $94.95

2. ModCloth Jeffery Campbell's Studded Boots, $189.99

3. Sole Struck Jeffery Campbell's In the Mood, $164.95

4. Sole Struck Jeffery Campbell's Medusa Spike, $209.95

5. Nasty Gal Olga Lace Up Boot, $180.00

As you can see, most of my wants are mostly Jeffery Campbells and they are worth about 100 cheese burgers or even more! All I know is that I need more shoes in my life. Must start saving up these! Ugh, the shoe feels!


6. Nasty Gal Jeffery Campbell's Thunder Wedge Boot, $160

7. Top Shop Austen Western Buckle Boots, $196.00

8. Gypsy Warrior Iris Floral Platform Wedges, $30

9. Good Goth Concord Boots, $109.95

10. Unique Vintage Floral Footsteps Wedge Booties, $52.00

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