Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspiration for the Uninspired. (IFTU)

I'm enjoying today a lot. I spent HOURS on editing my blog to my liking. I was totally lost and just started thinking of where I got my start when I started getting into fashion. The 2 main people that inspired me the most and is/was my best friends. You will probably see them mentioned a lot here so don't be surprised because yes, I am totally obsessed, lol.



Meet my amazing, totally hot Asian friend, Kiani! I met her way back in my sophomore year in high school. We're practically cousins because of how close we are and we have so much things in common. Harry Potter, Jonny Craig, and awesome sauce of a style. We used to get dressed up and  go to Walmart just sit there and read Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines forever (and stalk some guy that worked there that we nicknamed "FOOD.") Hopefully soon we can do some type of collaboration soon. Maybe when I go back to California to visit! Her style is edgy and on fire no matter what. Check out her personal style blog HERE! I miss you bbycks! <3


This is my another friend that was close to me. We pretty much grew up together, style wise that is lol. We meet through MySpace when we were in some fashion clique, lol. Yeah, I know, that's beyond lame and stupid. Anywho, he asked me to edit one of his pictures and we pretty much became best friends since then. I believe that was 3 years ago and out of those 3 years, we've only met once in person, which was one hell of a time lol. Went to the mall when everything was closed, took some clothes from Goodwill look hoodrats and then spent the rest the time at a park, just hanging out. HE IS ONE BAD MOTHERF**************! He can pretty much style anything he wears and rock some JC's like it's nothing. His style has grown so much from the last time that I have remembered. Definitely check out his blog HERE!

That's Inspiration for the Uninspired! See ya laters!

Your BBY THG, AlexisSplash xx


  1. omg! i love grizelles style!!!!!

    1. I know! It's great! He's such a great inspiration to me <3


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