Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fun Time in the Sun Shine

11 more days until spring! I'm super excited to wear my florals  bootie shorts, and sun hats, but there is one accessory I totally forgot about, some stunna' shades. We all practically need them driving, walking, hanging around the beach (if you live near one), secretly stalking someone, or even partying it up in the evening! They're pretty much essential!

 So if you're going to be doing any one of these things, lets do them in style!

TopShop//Swallow Trim Round Sunglasses//$40.00

I certainly love, love, love the detailing on these shades. When I first saw the trim, I thought it was stars because it was such a small picture. When I looked closer, the combination of the gold and the way the swallows tail were poking out, I loved it! 

Gypsy Warrior//Heart Sunglasses//$18.00

You can never go wrong with heart-shaped shades. I really want a pair so badly! I prefer the frames to be a little thicker, but the purple really makes it cute!

Nasty Gal//Marlo Circle Shades//$18.00

I don't know if there's a specific name for clear frames on glasses, but I adore theses! I really love thick frames and when they're see through, It gives it more of a futuristic look. <33

Romwe//Metallic Plate Round Sunglasses//$15.90

Circle frames are pretty awesome and have been in style, since who-knows-when, lol. I like this specific pair because of the bead like detailing around the frames. It gives it an edgy look and would go great with either a grunge or sweet-like look. <3

Nasty Gal//Bright Future Shades//$18.00

Now my all time favorite, the Bright Future Shades! This is the pair that I will actually purchase. They're a little on the safe side due to the mutual color of black, but will go with anything and everything. The thickness of the frame could get a little nerdy, but the shape is pretty sharp. You shall be mine soon!

Do you have a must have accessory for Spring?

-Your BBY THG, AlexisSplash

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