Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It'$ the Thought that Count$

Hat: Savers, Shirt: Yardsale, Gold Necklace/Bracelets: Forever 21, Turtle Necklace: Gift, Pleather Skirt: eBay, Socks: Burrlingtons, Shoes: MissKL

Jeez, this is a huge post today! Well first thing first, HOORAY ON MY DAY OFF! I woke up several times this morning and I've been awake since 7am. I cleaned my house, painted my nails (which they look horrific), and got dressed up! So far it's been a pretty productive day so far. I just have to do some research on some TVs now since my current one is going out. 

Now let me go into details about today's look. I'M IN LOVE. I wish I was at the Los Angeles Exposition Park Rose Garden. I guess it's the thought of wearing skirts and not freezing my ass off is making me fall in love with Spring. I love my Beverly Shoes! The spikes give it a super edgy look. I soften that up by adding some white knit socks to make look more chic.

A couple of days ago, I went to my local thrift store to look for some furniture for my room and found this super cute straw hat. My Mother thought I was cray-cray and I said I find the weirdest things ever.  The hat is 100% straw (lol) and was made in 'Murica. I just love the great detailing of the beads.

Then I found this nice heart-shaped jewelry box. I couldn't help but purchase it for $3.99. The floral pattern just really added to it. Like I said earlier, I'm in love with the thought of spring, lol.

Have a good day!

-Your BBY THG, AlexisSplash xx


  1. I lovee that top and your necklaces! xx

  2. Gorgeous! Your shoes are frickin' AMAZING.

  3. I'm loving your shirt! The little embroidered animals are so cute!

    1. Thank you! It's one of my favorite shirts lol

  4. Love the denim blouse, those shoes are fab :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.


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