Thursday, March 14, 2013


It seems like I ran out of color and entered the lifeless part of Kansas. I don't understand how Dorothy or Oz can live in monochrome like that. Any who, the day it's beyond beautiful outside, I have no desire to wear any type of color. I kind of wish I could just ride a bike to some park, but I don't feel like sharing the road with idiots at all.

Oversize Cardigan: Salvation Army, Pleather Skirt: eBay, Bag: Tobi, Socks: Windsor Store, Reeboks x Alicia Keys: MISSKL

Well I got my Twist Buckle Flap bag today and I love it! It took about a week to get here and everything with smoothly with opening it. It's a pretty big bag. I thought I could possibly fit my laptop into it, but my laptop is a bit bigger. It's great for school books and such. Or you can be like me and put the randomest things in there like my Nylon magz or my other miniature laptop lol. It has about several different pockets in and out of it, so be careful where you put your wallet or phone at lol.

I also love the floral print insde! I was not expecting that at all. It's such a great touch to it. I give this bag a 10/10! <3 If you haven't heard of Tobi before, definitively check out their online store! They have the latest trending clothes, accessories, and shoes at such a good discounted price! Also, when you become a member, you get your first purchased 50% off! Everyone loves discount!

Check the store HERE!

What's your favorite discounted piece?

-Your BBY THG, AlexisSplash


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