Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take Me to Hawaii

 I finally get my day off from work (two days)! Meaning, I get to post a few outfits in the next few hours <3 Prepare for some outfits in the next couple of hours!
Hair clips: Forever XXI, Clothes: Thrifted, Flatforms: Lulu's

I finally got my flatforms from Lulu's! I want to give a review soon for them! For now, just gaze at the beautiful metallic shine.

This look is pretty much destined for Hawaii. Just imagine walking on a beach, chilling, eating your favorite ice cream. Something I'm looking forward to when I go to California. I really want more tropical prints in my life. In other word, it's currently snowing here in Kansas. Awesome spring.

What's your favorite print? 

-BBY THG AlexisSplash

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