Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unorganized BoHo

*I would like to apologize in advanced on how crappy my pictures are. I could not contain my excited on what I found at the thrift store.*

Fedora: Windsor Store, Charlotte Russe Shirt: Thrifted, Dolce & Gabana Pants: Thrifted, Reeboks: Thrifted, Jewelry: Forever XXI

So my local thrift store Savers were having a sell (50% off clothes) yesterday and to make things short, I went a little crazy. This whole outfit is practically thrifted besides my hat and jewelry. My Dolce & Gabana pants are my new everything. They're a little worn out, but they're still a classic! I got a couple of outfits that I can't wait to take pictures and post!

I also love my new Reeboks! I think we can all tell that I'm a sucker for Reeboks. They're the only sneakers I seem to wear and they're super comfortable. They're going to go great with my upcoming thrift looks! <3

What's your favorite thrifted piece?

 -Your BBY THG, AlexisSplash

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