Friday, April 5, 2013


Bowler Hat: Windsor Store, Chunky Gold Necklace: Forever 21, White Tank: Savers Thrift Store, Forever 21 Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Shorts: Gift, Reeboks: MISSKL

I have awesome news! I got a new job at a clothing store called Rocket Clothing Exchange! I'm super excited to work there! It's going on my second day today and I can't wait to start getting more hours there. My first day outfit wasn't all that great so I decided not to post anything about it. They have such cute clothes that I wouldn't be surprised if I went broke from buying it all lol.

I've been  in such a simple mood lately that I've been wearing plain shirts these past few days. Nothing to loud or eye-catching. It's just simple ol' me here. 

Have a great weekend!


What store would you love to work at?


  1. Waaaa, I'm in love with your style! You're so cool, dear! Nice blog! :D

  2. Congrats on the new job.
    Cute sweater! Plus simple is always cool too.
    And I've always wanted to work at Urban Outfitters. :D

    Neon Fox

    1. Thank you so much Alicia! <3
      I think that's one of the best clothing stores to work at! Urban Outfitters has just about everything that anyone could ever need lol. Well besides food!

      xx AlexisSplash


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