Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Comfortable FT. Tiny's Closet

 Beanie: Urban Relaxation, Round Glasses: Swapmeet, Gold Link Necklace: Forever 21, Ralph Lauren Men's Plaid Shirt: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Ripped Leggings: Tiny's Closet, Sandals: Savers Thrift Store

I'm spending my money like crazy again! GUISE, I CANTZ STAHP! Well it's been a pretty long day for me so far. I still have to clean up the kitchen before my mother comes home, but I figured I still have time to post something up for you guys! I bet some of you are wondering, "oh, who's that random guy in your pictures?" For those of you that don't know, that's my older brother Victor! Next question would be, "what the hell is that green thing floating in the next picture????" That's a Naked juice! Victor that it would be funny to photobomb my picture like that. Expect more like that! lol

This outfit is pretty comfortable and doesn't need much accessories since the plaid button-up pretty much screams in your face. This is an actual mens shirt that I'm wearing, but I love the boldness of the flannel that I just had to get it from Rocket. 

I'm also wearing my "Getting Ripped Leggings" from Tiny's Closet that I bought for $12.50! They came in the mail not so long ago and I've been dying to wear them! It's 40degrees outside (it's not that cold) so what perfect time to wear them then now! They can pretty much go with anything and they're super comfortable! Want a pair? Get yours from Tiny's Closet for $12.50 and even better yet, buy a pair and use my discount code "Alexis12" to get 15% off!

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