Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hat: Windsor
Shirt: Walmart (kids section lol)
Xhilaration Skirt: Rocket Clothing Exchange
Sandals: Savers Thrift Store

Hey kiddies! I hope everyone is having a good Cinco de Mayo today! So far, so good here. I just got out of work and just relaxing a bit before I go out. Yes, I am actually going out for once instead of studying the latest fashion trend or... *cough* tumblr, lol

Anywho, so I bought quite a few things from Rocket the last couple of days I've been working, which is good and bad. In this case, it's pretty damn good! I bought this super cute Xhilaration mexican print skirt for $6! It's a medium, but it fits me like a small! Such a great buy <3

I hope everyone has an awesome day and party hard!

xx AlexisSplash


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