Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Relax Beanie: Urban Relaxation, Necklace: Forever 21, Tank Top: Savers, Shorts: Gift, Purse: Target, Reebok shoes: Savers

Good afternoon kiddies! I simply have too much time on my hands where I have nothing else to do. I want to go out, but now it's too damn hot for that. So now I'm just finding different things to blog about. If you need some inspiration for a trend, style, or just some type of inspiration, please leave a comment below or you can contact me by email. ALEXISSPLASH[@]GMAIL.COM 

You can also find me on these websites. As you can tell, I love being super social with everyone!

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I was thinking about making a Vine, but I'm not sure how popular with you guys. I wanted to post quick and easy outfits or how to style one item five different ways. Let me know what you think!

xx AlexisSplash


Thank you for the support! I appreciate every one of you!