Thursday, May 9, 2013


Flower Crown: DIY
H&M Fringe Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange
 Dress: Savers Thrift Store
Bracelet: Burlingtons
Steve Madden Heels:Rocket Clothing Exchange

Hello my lovely kiddies! I have to make this post quick and simple because I got called into work today! I haven't even ate food yet, so I'm starving! >.<

I really wanted to do an all white, clean cut look today! I was semi close to my goal, until I realized that I don't have white shoes! So I thought my Steve Madden heels would give this look a touch of sophistication. I really enjoy this look because it's super romantic and with a boho feel. Jeez, I've been in such of a Boho mood lately! I can't get enough of oversized white cardigans and dresses!

Ladies and Gents, I did my first DIY ever! I always wanted a flower crown, but I thought they were a bit expensive to buy so I made my own! I read a wonderful DIY blog called Walk in the Park and she truly is awesome and helpful! She has cute outfits and really helpful tips! If you guys have a chance, make one yourself and email me your look to be featured on IFU!

I've been in love with floral forever now! Literally my room theme magically became florals everywhere! I'll make post of it later! Got to get ready for work now! See ya!

xx AlexisSplash

How do you think I did on the flower crown???


Thank you for the support! I appreciate every one of you!