Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A movie and a few pizzas later, I have finally got my lazy ass out of bed to make this blogpost. I have no idea why I've been so lazy lately, all I literally want to do right now is just eat hahaha. I hope you kiddies are doing good this evening. <3

Crown: DIY, Fire LA Top: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Forever 21 Harem Pants: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Sandals: Savers

My look is perfect for my "I'm too damn lazy to get up" attitude this evening. Everything is lose and not too revealing so I can easily get up from out of my bed to get food.

I've had my eye on these Forever 21 Harem pants for several days now and finally bought them at work! (A long with this super cute crochet Fire LA top). Everything is very simple and easy to put together!

Now, back to my basic life.

xx AlexisSplash


  1. I love those pants and that diy crown! xx

  2. OMG! i feel the exact same way! Been eating all the time lately lol...mayvbe its something in the air.
    Great outfit.
    Lovely post


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