Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey there kiddies! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! As usual, Kansas is nasty humid and won't let me win one perfect day. Damn you, you almost a stupid rectangular state!

Hat: Savers, Sunglasses: Venice Beach, Bandeau: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Shorts: American Apparel, Shoes: Savers

So you guys are probably wondering about my weird title of today's post, right? Well for some reason my little sister says I look like Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z (picture at the end of post) every time I wear my straw hat. But get this, he doesn't even wear a hat! Atleast from what I remember lol.

I was originally going to wear an oversize white tank top with this outfit, but I wanted all the attention my AA sunflower print shorts. I'm super in love with them! They're super comfortable and don't ride up like some other high-waisted shorts do (no wedgies, yay!) I think the print is super fun and colorful. PERFECT FOR SPRING/SUMMER!

And here's a picture of my "little" big sister! I'm 5 years older than her. O.O'

xx AlexisSplash

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  1. I'm in love with those shorts though. And that necklace :)

  2. all my little brothers are bigger than me + I always say "my little big" haha.


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