Monday, July 8, 2013


'Sup kiddies! I went on a crazy adventure last night in Kansas City, MI for the first time! It definitely reminded me of Los Angeles due to the graffiti walls and on going blocks of small boutiques and art exhibits. The buildings weren't as tall as LA, but it was enough for me to get homesick. -___-' Also, random people would give me looks or come up to me to talk about my hair, so I guess it's a great conversation starter. :3

H&M Top: Gift, Necklace: Gift, Jake Jeans: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Purse: Savers, Sandals: Savers

The more I wear these pair of pants, the more I fall in love with them. They fit me pretty well and I love how their high rise too! They're just super great to ass a pop of color to any outfit. I notice when I wear the pants, I like to wear striped I bought from the thrift store to add nice contrast.

Plus, I was totally feeling my hair that day that I took a lot of selfiezzz on my phone haha. I'm debating if I want to spam my instagram lol

xx AlexisSplash


  1. This look is so perfectly chill. I'm definitely a fan.

    kelsey captivating

  2. Love the look, especially the glasses.


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