Wednesday, August 14, 2013


'Sup kiddies! I say today was a semi-productive day. I'm planning out my life within the next 5-7 months, and it seems pretty hectic. Once again, I'm homesick from my beautiful sweet California. I have hopes of being out there for my birthday (*cough September 8th cough*). But for now, the Plaza and KCMO will have to be my home. 

I know you guys are probably bored of my hideous white wall, but I promise you my settings will change!

Hat: RipnDip, Top: Status Society, Jeans: Levis, Boots: Doc Martens

So, I am totally not wearing my brothers hat or shirt ha, ha, ha. Well crap, look how freakin' cool they are! Where else are you going to find a 5-panel hat with flamingos on them or a shirt that straight out says "ratchet?" Yeah, I thought so lol. Anywho, I planned this outfit as if I was heading out to Fairfax Ave. Just hanging around all the street brand stores seems so nice right now. Soon, soon.. 

Also, I bought my first pair of Levis! I love them and they're super comfortable! Yup, I have found my favorite pair of jeans and I will never part ways with them, EVER.

xx AlexisSplash

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