Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey kiddies! So I went to my first party in Kansas last night! Might I say, it is waaaay different from LA kids lol. There was tons of gold fish everywhere, beer cans, and pre-recorded shark week television. Sounds like a blast, right? It totally was! And I can say, I finally have friends here now after a whole year of living here lol (life accomplishment!) Well, I'm going out again today to a Afro Caribbean festival today! I know it's going to be super cool! I'll take some pictures of course and post them up on here! 

Max Rave Mesh Top: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Halter Top: Thrifted, Old Navy Shorts: Thrifted, Ralph Lauren Flannel: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Dr. Martens: Gift

So, I FREAKING LOVE MY MESH TOP! I can wear this everyday if I wanted to because it's just so damn cool! When I saw this just hanging out with all the basic shirts, I just had to grab! It's so freaking edgy and I love it! Then I'm wearing a thrifted black velvet top thought I totally forgot about lol.

Here's a tune I've been listening to on a repeat!

xx AlexisSplash

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