Sunday, August 11, 2013


I got to do the best thing ever today! I was doggy sitting my Auntie's two puppies today and it was so fun, well besides that I'm super exhausted today because I couldn't sleep very last night. But that was pretty much the highlight of my day. I'm still debating if I want to go out tonight or just be super lazy today and spend precious hours of my life watching Netflix... that Netflix does sound pretty good right now lol. I hope everyone is having a fabtab day!

Hat: Thrifted, Bandeau/High Waist Shorts: The Vintage Closet, Erin London Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Exhilaration Heels: Rocket Clothing Exchange

I really wanted to do a summery look today since it was such a gorgeous day today! I would have taken my outfit pictures outside, but it would just be really awkward walking back and fourth to my tripod lol. I wish I was at the beach right now because this outfit is practically made for it. Walking through the crowds of Venice Beach, a nice breeze blowing through while you gaze around the busy and unique surrounding of side performers and pop-up stores. Jeez, I just made myself homesick right now. -___-

xx AlexisSplash

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  1. chic fit! love the bandeau, such an amazing print. very pretty, and really like how you styled all the items together.


  2. This is a beaut outfit x


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