Sunday, August 4, 2013


Oh hey, it's a style post kiddies! I'm trying to get back on schedule of posting regularly, but it's just so hard when all I want to do is eat and sleep and then eat some more! ^__^'

Well today was actually pretty fun! I got to explore Downtown Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) with my friend/co-worker Baili and Allison (a new friend! ^.^) and went to the farmers market that takes place every weekend. I loved it so much because it was just a clash of everyones culture displayed with food! Unfortunately I couldn't purchase crap because the bank wasn't open for me to take out money.  I definitely would like to go back though!

We also found a 4 story antique mall! Holy crap, right?! There were tons of retro furniture and vintage clothing for a really good price! Thank god I took photos or else this blogpost wouldn't seem as interesting, lol. Well I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far! xx

Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Striped Body Suit: American Apparel, High Waist Shorts c/o The Vintage Closet, Shoes: Forever 21, Purse: Target 

So lets talk about my shorts. They're flippin' amazing, right?! Thanks to The Vintage Closet for sending me these! They're super comfortable and I love how distressed they are! They're about big around the waist but I love how it gets scrunched up when I wear my belt. It totally adds character lol. I can style these bad boys up for dayzzzz ^___~* <3

Prepared to see more style posts of me rocking some pieces from The Vintage Closet! Check out their website and follow them on instagram
xx AlexisSplash

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The farmers was super fun! There were fresh fruit everywhere! It was super cheap too!

The cutest cup top ever!!

The greatest store ever! Holiday Vintage!

The Vintage clothing room

Baili looking fabtab in her oversize bow!


  1. Loving that cardigan! Cute outfit :)


  2. Love the cut out shorts! I love your style aha


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