Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yo, yo, yiggity yo! (Yeah, I totally want Juno there.) So today is my 19th birthday! Another year that I survived to continue to eat poorly, enjoy whatever 19 year olds do and pretend like this day never happened. Just another day in the life of Alexis.

 Flower Crown: Como La Flor, Shirt: Hellz Bellz, Shorts: Old Navy, Flannel: Ralph Lauren, Garter: Charming Charlies, Shoes: Converses

Shop Spotlight: Como La Flor

So I've founded this little floral crown shop called, "Como La Flor" through  fashion blogger The River Wolf and instantly fell in love with them! They have a cute selection of different flowers to choose from at such a great price, I only paid $8 for mine! Trust me, you'll never pay over $30 again for a flower crown (I hope you haven't paid that much!) My crown fits perfectly, it's not too tight where I get headaches or too loose that it will fall off my small ass head lol. I 

Definitely check out their store HERE and follow their INSTAGRAM: @COMOLAFLOOR! Let them know that @AlexisSplash sent you! I'll post my other 2 favorite crowns from them!

Don't forget to check out their STORE and INSTAGRAM!

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  1. The floral crown is awesome! Happy belated birthday :)


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