Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's day two of taking photos outside and little kids were staring at me. I swear I was going 5o get jumped by 6 year olds because I'm hanging out in their territory. Shit was getting real for 0.6 seconds lol. It feels like Fall is officially here with 75 (F) degrees weather and a slight breeze. 

With this glorious weather upon Johnson County I still managed to get sick. I just want to eat ice cream all day and sleep, but that really isn't going to help me. ;___;

Glasses: Choies, Sweater: J. Crew, Harness: Deandri, Shorts: Thrifted, Boots: Armkel, Purse: Rocket Clothing Exchange

I got my Deandri harness today! I'm so in love! I've been wanting a harness for so long but was always too broke to get one. Now that I have one, expect to see it a lot as part of my major fall staples of the year. I paid $45 + shipping and it was a today priority mail. It has re-adjustable straps so it can fit you to the T (I think that's how the phrase goes lol. Do I smell a IFTU coming????

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  1. Cute pics, dear! ^-^ You look so gorgeous as always!

  2. Super in love with your outfits <3 I've nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD check out to find out more!

  3. so photogenic! such a natural. And those lips <3 Love this look so much! xx


  4. Totaaaalllly feeling that harness. Loving everything about this look.
    Amen Fashion †

  5. Have ice cream if it'll make you feel better. Wish you speedy recovery. Love the look and your hair.


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