Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'm finally back! I went on a week hiatus to focus on my job and just to take a little break. I went to out of town to Pitt State University with my friend Crystal to check out the school and their parties (yes, I'm getting more social!) The parties there were crazy, considering that it's my first time going to an actual full on party where there's dancing a drinks lol. I can say that it's something definitely remember lol.\

So I went to take photos outside my apartment, yes it's a damn miracle, and found it pretty nice. The lighting was awesome I think I'll come out from my dungeon to take photos now. I decided to take my niece out to so she can throw some rocks into the lake. She was having a lot of fun, expect that she was throwing rocks with rollie-pollies on them! I felt so bad for them. ;____;

Everything from Rocket Clothing Exchange besides the shoes.

I literally bought this whole outfit yesterday! I was in need for some clothes so I just did some after work shopping at Rocket and actually found these super cute pants my size. It was on accident that the cardigan matched the pants. Then I went to Savers afterwards and found these Ked's shoes in the kids section (yes, I actually buy shoes from the kids section.) I love how vibrant the yellow and it adds a pop of color to my outfit. <333

Now that I'm back on track, especially with my sleeping schedule, I can update more often! 

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