Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm finally debuting my new hair on da blogz! I've been dying to do something different with my hair for the new season and I was beyond scared to cut off anymore hair and I didn't want to bleach it for my great fear of damaged hair. So what did I do? I went dark as night with blue tint! I'm in LUV with the color, even though my mom disapproves. but thug life!

Next week is Halloween and I'm super, duper, ultra excited to show you guys my costume!

T-Shirt: Buy Me Brunch, Shorts: Thrifted, Top: J. Crew, Boots: Armkel

I guess I went a bit over board with the black, huh? To get ride of this monochrome I wanted to add a pop of color but I wanted to use a different pattern then the now starting-to-get-old grungy plaid. Paisley does this perfectly! Thank you J. Crew for creating such a cute piece with great colors! 

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  1. Your hair is amazing! I can never get mine curly :( I usually wear black but I like the hint of colour in your outfit :)


  2. i LOVE the tee-shirt. Everything about this blog, your style and hair is amazing. Keep it up . =)

  3. like your shirt-paul


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