Tuesday, November 26, 2013


After stuffing our face with food and sweet delights (fking pumpkin everything), 'tis the day that all shopaholics are preparing for. After numerous nights of staying up past 3am to window shop and plenty of "I'm too broke" whispers,  the day has come (only and if only you saved up ALL of your paychecks *I didn't*) to shop your debit card off!

Unfortunately, I was not prepared to shop due to my horrible eating habits (have to lay off the junk food) and unexpected phone & cable bills, I can only purchase of few things this year. I chose my top 2 favorite brands that I def need to cop a steal from for Blk Friday 2013.


I've been following Hellz Bellz clothing for about two years and they are beyond my favorite clothing line! They're bad bitch attitude totally kicks ass and their graphic tees are to die for. Here is some of my favorites that I may purchase this friday. I just love how basic their graphics are and can easily be styled. HEY, THIS IS AWESOME, I PROMISE ---> Hellz Bellz is doing a mystery box deal! If you buy the box for $100, you get 1 tote bag, 3 tees (oh my!), 2 headwear, 1  bottom, and 1 phone case! Holy crap, this sounds like a deal to me except the phone case part. Ain't nobody rich enough to buy a iphone 5 yet, I have to wait until next September, shiiiit.

Be sure to check out Hellz Bellz ASAP so you know what you want to buy so everything won't sell out because I'm that's what's going to happen.

City Approval

I've been following City Approval for half a year now and I fell in love with the Japanese inspired graphics. You may see other clothing brands include Japanese characters, but they're just throwing things out there. City Approval has a unique and simple style that is not only refreshing to look at, but each piece has their own meaning behind them. Here's a few pieces that I have my eye on. Luckily, their sales don't start until 8am (west coast time), so that means 10am here, which still means that I have to wake my ass up early! *Pst, I heard the first 10 people to make a purchase gets a limited edition hat*

Be sure to check out City Approval! Maybe put somethings in the checkout so you just have to push one button to get everything lol.

On other words, happy turkey day!

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