Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I'm back from my mini winter hiatus! I know it's been too long since I've last updated but this winter has my mood down to the ground. I'm glad to be back and let me tell you some shizzzz, I've been shopping a bit since I've been gone and I got some goodies to show ya. 

Since I have a little too much (ha! That was a trick because there is no such thing as too much!) I'm going to be making a haul video after 2 more packages arrive at my place. 
Mickey Mouse Jacket: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Gray Sweater: Nollie, 69 League Crop Top: Hellz Bellz, Wining & Dinning Shorts: Hellz Bellz, Shoes: Nike Airmax

I finally got some work out clothes, or perhaps twerking wear. Either way, I'm going to look fly as hell in my Hellz Bellz gear this summer! Actually having this fit will motivate me to work this winter too! lol

By the way, this s a mini sneak peak of what I got from black friday. If you saw my previous post, you saw the 2 brands I was looking out for awesome deals. I mean City Approval had awesome discounts, but Hellz Bellz had the best deal of all time. #KANYESHRUG $100 mystery box, I mean yes please!

Anyway, be sure to check out my two favorite brands because they are always limited on their clothing and they sell out fast yo! CITY APPROVAL // HELLZ BELLZ

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