Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CAMERA UPDATE: My camera battery officially died hence the reason why I haven't been able to update lately. It only hit me earlier that OH, my brother has a camera too! Why haven't I been using it?! Common sense totally left me there -.-

Gene Round Sunglasses: Wow Vintage, Top: Free People. Shorts: Forever 21, Socks: Forever 21, 
Boots: eBay, Tote Bag: Hellz Bellz

You have no idea how fierce I feel when I put these amazing Gene Round Sunglasses on from Wow Vintage! I always needed a pair of big sunglasses to compliment my big hair when I go out so I can completely hide from the sun.....and people. Also the gold frames makes it easier to match up with my jewelry because I literally have no silver jewelry whatsoever. Thank you so much Kathryn for sending me them, they're officially my new babies! xx 

I wanted to pair my sunglasses with of course a bohemian look just because I get Janis Joplin vibe when I wear them. All I'm missing is a smile and tons of bangles then I would totally have the look!

You want to see more sunglasses that Wow Vintage has at a waaaaaay affordable price? Check out their website HERE and like them on FACEBOOK

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PS: Here's a photo that I accidentally took when the glasses got stuck in my hair...


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