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Prepare your eyes for the chicest, edgiest, got to have clothing probably one of my favorite stores of 2014! Ms Scandals style of clothing ranges from boho chic to streetwear to grunge edgeeee. The first thing that caught my eyes were the uniqueness of each piece that I'm pretty damn sure that you can't find anywhere else. Not only do they have an online store, but they actually have a physical store in Beverly Hills, California!

But hey, were you planning on going to Coachella this year and right when you were about to purchase your ticket, they sold out? (story of my life) Well guess what? Ms Scandal is actually having a giveaway on their instagram right now! Just follow the instructions on the picture below (beyond simple rules!) and viola! You're entered!

 ~ Make sure to check out their online store HERE and
don't forget to enter their instagram contest and follow them @Ms_Scandal or click HERE
(psssst, a like on Facebook wouldn't hurt either ---> THERE) ~

And to celebrate this contest, I decided to make a mixtape with all of my favorite artists that are going to be performing this year at Coachella 2014! You can go ahead and download it right oveeeerr HERE <3

 1. Shabba - A$ASP FERG
2. Forget It - Blood Orange
3. First Fires - Bonobo
4. Kiara - Bonobo
5. All You're Waiting For - Classixx
6. Holding - Classixx
7. Latch - Disclosure
8. Dontcha - The Internet
8. We Are the People - Empire of the Sun
9. Sleepless - Flume
10. Houdini - Foster the People
11. Falling - HAIM
12. The Wire - HAIM
13. Helena Beat - Foster the People
14. I Met You - Flume
15. Erase Me - Kid Cudi
16. Just What I Am - Kid Cudi
17. Little Man - Little Dragon
18. Team - Lorde
19. Tennis Court - Lorde
20. Electric Feel - MGMT
21. New York State of Mind - NAS
22. If I Ruled the World - NAS
23. No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
24. Okay - Holy Ghost!
25. So Fresh, So Clean - Outkast
26. Roses - Outkast
27. She Loves Me So - Anthony Green
28. Places - Shlomo
29. Losing You - Solange
30. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
31. Feel it All Around - Washed Out
32. E.S.T - White Lies
33. I love You - Woodkid
34. Iron - Woodkid
35. You Know You like it - AlunaGeorge

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