Thursday, February 6, 2014


My Wednesday felt more like a Sunday (if I worked Sundays). I took a shower and just scooted along to my phone to see what was happening in the instagram world. It was a very quiet day, something that I can definitely get used to.

Sweater: American Eagle, Leggings: Poof, Shoes: Topshop

I got to break in my new shoes yesterday and they are O-so comfortable! I mean, they fit a little big for me but that's just because I have really thin feet.

Something about my outfit this day make me feel like I was an American Apparel model so what's the first thing that came to mind? Hell if I feel like one, I'm going to make my own damn ad and be my own AA model! I did hit one problem while going after my goal, where the hell to download the helvetica-neue font?! I couldn't find one so I just worked with what I had (and it was not bad at all).
This is the result of my mini project! I complete parody of their ad with no type of sexual advertisement but a little stomach, shoulder, and ankles. The late 1800's (correct me if I'm wrong) would have had a heartache if they saw me walking down the street lol

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**NOTE: Is no way the photo above affiliated with American Apparel. This is nothing but a joke, ya dig?

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