Saturday, March 22, 2014


It's a miracle! I'm actually outside taking photos outside despite my shyness (after my my marathon of The Amazing World of Gumball of course.) 

Anyway, I went job searching again yesterday and I felt like I was SO close to getting a job at Forever 21. There was only one thing that kind of got in the way which was just a mistake on my application. If I work there, I would probably be the happiest gal in the fashion world. Let's hope that I get a call back soon for an interview! Fingers are definitely crossed. 
Sunglasses: Wow Vintage, Being Bad Tote Bag, Hellz Bellz, Kimono: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Tribal Crop Top: Forever 21, High Waisted Shorts: Vintage, Schoolz Sandals: Steve Madden

Speaking of Forever 21, I am so in love with this tribal bustier from Forever 21! It's totally perfect for this upcoming music festivals, if you're that lucky son-of-a-gun. This outfit (obviously you can tell) is inspired by music festival looks. If I was going to one, I would wear this the first day! This look is actually combined with the festival must haves:
  • Crop tops
  • High waisted shorts
  • Chunky sandals
  • Big sunglasses
  • Kimonos
If you want to stay on trend while you're out with you're awesome friends, make sure to bring these!

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  1. You look great ! (: good luck with YOUR job beautiful .

  2. wow beautiful look-paul

  3. I love this look you look great Alexis! xx

  4. I love your hair colour girl, suits you a bit too well !


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