Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My world is not in the right position lately. I'm either in a outfit block, uninspired, or my mind is on another thing. Either way, I need to get my priorities straight. Maybe it's the fact that I'm never really home, so I should just start recording my adventures, but then again, I need a working camera...

Excuse me while I in 3rd person so I can figure out what the hell I need to do in order to be that girl I was before I moved to California. Is it the lack of personality that I'm currently sheltering due to change of environment? Do I feel like I'm home yet? Or maybe it's the lack of motivation that I'm not allowing into my life. Whatever it is, it is affecting my life quite a bit right now.

In order to get out of this - whatever you want to call it, artist block, maybe - I started a routine of working out, eating food in the morning (which I never do), and making sure my surroundings is somewhat neat (I still need to work on that).

That's enough of me loathing around, I hope I didn't get you guys depressed!
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The Grace Crown: Como La Flor, Necklace: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Crop Top: Heritage 1981, Shorts: The Vintage Closet, Shoes: Vintage

Too brighten up the mood, look at my cute ass floral headbands I got from one of my favorite little shop, Como La Flor! I had some hand bands from them previously but unfortunately they got ruined so this girl was a happy camper when they offered to send me some more! Not only are they precious, but they're definitely perfect for Spring or if you're one of those lucky son of a guns who's going to Coachella! They're not expensive at all and have great quality. Make sure to check out their store and follow them on instagram! || @_comolaflorcrowns

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  1. sounds like home sickness, cute photos-paul


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