Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I was reading an article today that really upset me. I want to point out that everyone has their own type of beauty and no one defines what it is but you. We're all humans and should be treated equally no matter what the situation is, but I guess I can dream about my own utopia. The world isn't perfect so you shouldn't be either. We all have our flaws and still learning to accept them. My personally flaw? I'm definitely insecure about my teeth (why I never really smile in my pictures) and how I should act around people. I'm insecure about my speech and my social anxiety, I hate being judge by the simplest thing so I just sit there and keep to myself.

No matter what your flaws or fears are, accept them. I know, easier said then done. Well let it be a journey to you and just try things you wouldn't normally do like waking up in the morning and smiling in the mirror. It may sound lame but the simplest things you do daily can affect your self-esteem and your whole day!

Just know you guys aren't alone and keep smiling everyday!

Medium Sunflowers Crown: Como La Flor, Stripe Tank Bodysuit: American Apparel, 
Sunflower Print Shorts: American Apparel, Schoolz Sandals: Steve Madden

Once again, I want to thank Como La Flor for my lovely Medium Sunflowers floral crown. I totally forgot I had my sunflower print shorts from American Apparel so it's a miracle that I have a matching crown now! I think in order to wear my floral crown, I had to relax my hair so the crown can pop out more.

If you follow me on instagram (if you don't, what are you waiting for?! @AlexisSplash), you may recognize this outfit from last summer on an outfit grid. I never had a chance to actually record this outfit to my blog. I think I should be an Earth Fairy now and live off in the forest forever... until I get hungry and crave french fries lol

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  1. Love the mixing of prints here. And I agree, I think the world would be so so much more beautiful if everyone just embraced their own beauty and did a bit of their own thing. Everything would be so interesting and happy <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. You should be more ashamed of your hair than your teeth.


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