Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Like every +19 year olds, we're out in the world trying to find our own identity and what makes us unique. That can be quite difficult when we have so many influences upon us such as celebrities, friends, and (insert social media platform) famous people. From what I've learned these past few weeks is that you can't really get away from these things, unless you live in cabin somewhere in the forest and have profound survival skills lol. The next best thing is to keep yourself busy and to live your own life. I understand that all these social influences can be tempting and yes, it doesn't really hurt to keep updated, just don't get too involve in it. If you like what someone is doing, get inspired by it. Set goals and don't dream because dreaming takes no type of action. Being on this world is a whole growing experience so take your time to live. You're only young for so long, unless you're a vampire, then you'll live forever.
Bucket Hat: Borrowed, Crop Top: DIY, Shorts: Vintage, Shoes: Vans

I really wanted to do a mini DIY project so I made myself a crop top out of an old t-shirt. I never thought I would be apart of the whole streetwear trend of bucket hats, but I'm falling pretty hard for it. I guess I'm can of fashionably late *pa-doom pssh* Okay, that was pretty lame.

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  1. good words of wisdom , nice look-Paul

  2. Love this look, it's so simple yet looks great!! Also your hat is so cool x


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