Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I think music impacts everyday of our lives, no matter the time, place, or person. I like to surround myself with calm relaxing music when I'm typing out my thoughts on here because I feel like (oddly as this sounds) I'm placing myself in a vulnerable place with no fear of judgment. Like, it seriously releases all my stress and worries for literally 3 minutes of my life that I can never get back, and I have no problem with that.
I'm sure everyone has that special artist they listen to when they want to relax, get inspired, or just want to work out. Tell me some of your favorite artists that you can never get tired of.

Also, in other news, I got a few accomplishments that happened to me yesterday and this morning. First, I'm not sure if you guys know yet, but I'm still learning how to drive right now. Well I drove for the first time in the main streets last night, yes in the night time, and it really freaked me out but I did it! Second, I'm finally going back to school after a 2 year break. I will be attending a community college first and then I would like to transfer to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to major in Fashion Merchandising and minor in Visual Communications. I seriously have big goals in the next few years. Then finally, I have my first interview soon! That means no more being broke and I can finally buy some new shoes, not because I need them, but to satisfy the shopping addiction that I have been having withdrawls lately lol.

Cardigan: Takeout, League Crop Top: Hellz Bellz, Shorts: c/o The Vintage Closet, Nike: Airmax

Speaking of shoes, I have tons of shoes that I rarely wear like my Nike Airmaxs. I wanted to get the dust off of them so I included in them in today's blogpost. I wanted to do a sporty streetwear look so I brought out my Hellz Bellz League Crop Top to add an urban look but soften the look so I don't look too tomboy, I'm wearing my Takeout cardigan. Now I look like I'm about to work out, but nah. 

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  1. Love the combination of crop top and denim short shorts! You look awesome in this outfit <3
    New Post: Pale
    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  2. love your sneakers! and spot on the street/sporty vibes.

  3. Love the look. Hair, sweater, top, & shorts are perfectly paired. Good luck on all your new adventures

  4. Congratulations on learning how to drive! I first learned on a stick shift and it was terrifying. --- I agree with you on the whole music aspect. I love listening to music for that same reason, especially when I'm relaxing. Nujabes and Orisha's are my go to bands/artist that never gets old. Also, good luck with getting into FIDM!

    -Coco Bates


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