Monday, May 19, 2014


I've been kind of M.I.A lately do to doing "adult" things such as driving, still looking for a job, and getting all my school stuff together. It's actually a rude awakening like "HEY! *use Navi's voice from Zelda* You're an adult now. Please get yourself together because girl, you can no longer sit in your room and watch anime all day." But you know what, it doesn't mean I can't have fun and enjoy life, right? Remember, you can always have fun while being responsible. It's just up to you.

In all honesty, all I want to do is where an oversize t-shirt, listen to music, and eat a big bowl of mixed fruits. These past "spring" days have been quite terrible and made me lazy to the extreme. Like, is this really the bigger signs of climate change? Soon spring and fall will no longer exist and it'll just be summer and winter for the rest of our days. Talk about being dramatic (calm down Alexis, it's all in your head).

Crop Top: Arden B, Shorts: Thrifted, Flannel: Ralph Lauren, 

I finally cleaned my room after I don't know how many days and I found my Deandri harness! I haven't worn it in sometime so I thought it would look pretty good if I actually put it through the belt loops of my shorts. I'm not sure if you were supposed to wear it like that or what, so if I'm late in the game because of it, oops. Of course the almighty white out trend is still going strong so I couldn't resist putting this outfit together without a pop of color. Also, I need black boots! I don't understand why I don't have a pair and it's seriously killing me. -.-

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  1. This outfit is perfection. And I dread the day I can't watch anime in my room all day... aha, but it's good you're getting everything together :) <3

    The Quirky Queer


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