Sunday, June 15, 2014

CHICTOPIA PRESENTS: 10 Party Outfits: What to Wear to a Fashion Party

Not sure if you guys have heard about Chictopia re-launching their youtube channel and if you haven't, I'm here to fill you in! As some of you know, Chictopia is a great online fashion community where all the fashionistas (and fashionistos alike) share some of the favorite and unique outfits from around the world. It's personally my favorite fashion platforms to post my outfits because it's definitely not competitive at all and everyone is just so friendly! It's definitely a great environment online and I bet it's even a better atmosphere back at Chictopia's headquarters! Hence, they created their youtube channel to give everyone a behind the scene look at what happens both at the desk and on the modern day fashion runways!

Geez, I wish I was there at the event! My favorite outfit was the hipster look with the Disclosure t-shirt and the checkered all black and white outfit. Which was yours?

If you want to see more outfit inspirations and behind the scene look at what happens at Chictopia HQ, subscribe to their youtube channel here. You won't be disappointed! Let me know if you subscribe! Thankies ♡



  1. Woohoo fabulous video!

  2. You have a fantastic blog!! <3

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  3. OOOh so cool! loved the video. Thank you so much love for following! Hope to see you around. Now following yours as well xo



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