Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey everyone, I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't posted anything these past few days but that's because I've been out of town to go see my cousin for her graduation! Yes, she's finally graduating high school and I didn't want to miss it at all! While I was over there, I tried my best to take photos of everything so I can make a little photo diary. Hope you guys enjoy it!

 My favorite way of traveling is usually by train. I love sight seeing and it really relaxes me. Sometimes I like to play music on my phone and pretend that I'm in a music video (so lame, I know). 

 My little cousin, I have no idea what he is playing with lol.

 My awesome cousin who graduated. Congrats to the class of 2014!

 Stasi and I went to a unique bionicos (a fruit salad with condensed milk on it, a.k.a, bowl of deliciousness!) place that was totally covered with different skateboarding monuments and retro 70's/90's posters. It was totally awesome to be there, definitely a lot to look at. 

I also went to King Taco for the first time! Apparently I wasn't a true native of LA unless I ate here lol.
I've been on snapchat a lot lately and here are some things that I've sent to my friends.

Hope you guys like this little peek into my daily life. Leave a comment or suggestions of what you think! Do you want to see more photo diaries? Should it be weekly or monthly? Let me know!



  1. Stunning look! Always like your post
    TOFI - sweet workshop

  2. i love photo diaries, they seem more personal! great photos, that fruit salad looks absolutely delicious

    xx hersilvershoes

  3. lovely photo diaries. I love travelling too :)


  4. What a beautiful photos dear, I love travelling with train too cz we can see the view, listening music and enjoy our life for a moment :)

  5. some gorgeous snaps and your hair is gorge doll :) xxx

  6. So much yumminess in a post!
    I love travelling by train as well..

    You have a new follower here!
    I would be more than happy to see your name on my list as well.

    Froso M.
    Style Nirvana


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