Wednesday, July 9, 2014


What a title, right?! I think I'm getting pretty clever and weird with these things, lol. But guess what, Chictopia has a new video showcasing their top 3 favorite bars in San Francisco! Go ahead and watch it above, I'll wait. It's cool. Wasn't the karaoke bar great?! I mean a whole room dedicated to Hello Kitty makes my mind explode! Who wouldn't want to enjoy Hello Kitty and possibly horrible singing ( by yours truly)? Which bar did caught your eyes? 

Okay, now that you know what bars to catch the Chictopia crew at and wishing you were 21 already like me, lets talk about giveaway! If you watched the video than you know that MeUndies is giving away 3 Rawk Tanks! Yes, three, *insert the word three in spanish and french here*. I was actually featured in the video towards the end, a seriously great accomplishment! I mean, does that count towards a "Featured" list because I definitely want to put it there! If you want to check out the actual post of me wearing MeUndies, look here

Now for the rules to enter the giveaway! 

1. Subscribe to Chictopia's Youtube
2. Share this video on Facebook or Twitter
3. Leave a comment under "Top 3 Bars in San Francisco + Giveaway" Youtube video
4. Check out MeUndies here!

Winner will be announced in their next video!

Let me know if you guys entered! I hope one of my followers win because you guys are da best!

Pssssst, click the pictures.


  1. Damn girl, look at you being a celebrity and shit! :D I'm so thrilled they showed you in the video, your style always makes me tingling! :D Thanks for sharing the giveaway too! ^^

  2. Ohhhhhh shit girl you famous rockin that tee! Congrats dude you deserve that feature! ^^

  3. YEAHHHH!!! Sooooo COOOOOL Babe!!!! xoxo
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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