Friday, August 22, 2014


School has started and I'm way beyond busy now! I have yet to work out the kinks of my routine yet, but I promise there will be an outfit post soon! For those who are interested, I am a Clothing & Textiles major working to get my A.A. If there's some awesome projects that I'm doing, I would love to post them on here to give those a glimpse of what the classes projects consist of. Anywho, that's my life update!

Here are my recent discoveries that I've bookmarked! Tell me your favs!
NYLONshop Favorites
I know all of us are no noobs when it comes to the stylish Nylon Mag, but have you actually looked at their shop? NYLONshop carries all your favorite brands on one website! It's the best way to discover new, upcoming, and independent brands and boutiques. Seriously, I'm in love!
8. Happiness / Skull Karl Tee 

Young Hungry Free is a boutique based in Singapore that carries goth-like clothing to the bare basics. What really caught my eye was that almost everything on the website is trendy like the monochrome look as well as minimalistic. Definitely bookmark them if you're down with the monochrome-goth style!
Front Row Shop is an online retailer from Shanghai that carries fashionable products from clothes to shoes. Carrying many trendy clothes, you can be "front row" of this online fashion show to be in the know and VIP.

Accessory Concierge was started by two Dallas girls who met early in their corporate jobs. They had an awesome idea to start doing flash sales on their Facebook page, which sold out instantly, thus Accessory Concierge was borned. They still do these sales if you're interested. It's every Monday & Wednesday at 8pm!

Did you guys catch the pattern of my favorite picks? Yeah, they're all monochrome pieces with boho jewelry. Odd mix? No such thing! lol. I have to say that I'm obsessed with Front Row Shop (as you can tell). You definitely have to bookmark that online store! Until next time! 


  1. holy crap I love all the stuff there! Especially Young Hungry Free and accessory concierge! Ugh, but sadly I'm broke life right now because I bought textbooks and such! Oh snap you're a clothing and textiles major?? :D I actually was considering majoring in that before deciding on merchandising! I hope you are having fun and school and good luck with your projects I would love to see them!

    1. I totally feel you on being broke right now from school, lol. I spent over $300 just on books! Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could've bought? lol. I definitely post up my projects soon! Tell me how Merchandising is going! ♡

  2. hahah nylon shop's teenage flirtbag is a cute play on words ;)

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    1. It seriously is, that's why I love it! lol.

  3. I love all of these picks, hard to pick favorites! Perfect for fall.

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    I had nominated you for the Liebster award! Do check out more if you would like to do it :)

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    1. Thanks so much! Glad you like them! ♡

  6. Love love love the witch hat, definitely something I need in my life and closet

    99 OUTFITS

    1. Thanks! It's literally the best thing ever! ♡

  7. love!! I have nominated you for the liebster award, go check it out!


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