Wednesday, August 6, 2014


LIFE UPDATE: Sorry for the absence. I've been busy with work and getting ready for school. (Dude, Wal-Mart has the best school deals ever!) I'm taking my driver's written test next week. Hopefully I past! I also have my fast food coupons ready because I know I'm going to need them as soon as school starts lol. Talk about being prepared, right?

I thought it would be great to share some new online stores that I discovered when I'm online window-shopping. Fun fact, this blog first name was "Window-Shopper" or something like that and was actually supposed to be about gems that I find online since I was too (still) broke to purchase anything. Down below I posted my favorite items from each store using Polyvore!

Ark Clothing was created in the UK by three lovers of music, fashion and the 90's rave scene. They opened up a shop to sell tickets for raves, started creating their own brand ( Cloak and Hearts & Bows ) and became apart of the Leed's fashion scene while finding great underground brands to stock up their store. Eventually they would have 7 stores open up and hold great brands in them such as Cheap Monday, Motel, and The Ragged Priest to name a few. They're always first in bringing us the biggest trends!

1. Hearts and Bows Anna Striped Co-ord Top and Skirt
2. Ark Kai Sunflower Print Blouse
3. Hearts and Bows Paula Boyfriend Jeans
4. Hearts and Bows Black Fuchsia & Blue Hippy Top and Shorts
5. Hearts and Bows Lyddia Black & White Gingham Top and Shorts
6. Ark Black Tish Platform Boots

I can't really tell you much about Dark Pink besides that their basic wear is ah-mazing! If you didn't notice, I'm obsessed with triangle bralettes and have been eyeing them for weeks now. I can't wait to dress them down for Fall (if I ever get one)!

1. Black Lace Trim Deep V Dress

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I've known about 2020ave 4-eva now! (Am I getting on your nerves yet?) But lets face it, they have the best deals! If you don't know about 2020ave, here's the breakdown. 2020ave is an online women's boutique (of course) based out of LA and carry trendy unique pieces that every gal drools over. Like the way I said.... typed that? lol. 

1. Golden Chain Arm Bracelet
2. Hot Lips Halter Bodysuit 
3. Tie Dye Shorts
4. Striped Flare Pants
5. Lush Clothing Oversized Lightweight Coat 
6. Rehab Clothing Double Strap Floral Bralette

I hoped you guys enjoyed the sets and bookmarked these stores. You might catch a great sell going on soon! Which were your favorite stores/items? Let me know! 


  1. love the clothes! I really want that lush coat and sunflower top! Good luck on your driving test you got this dude!!! Lol you reminded me I need to go school shopping lol!

    1. I can totally see you wearing those two pieces! Thanks so much! I hope I don't freak out while taking it -.- Yeah dude, shop while the sales are still going lol

  2. I could even decide. this summer has just been a floral clothing overload for me! totally love ark clothing's collection!


    1. Yeah, florals have been huge this Spring/Summer. Ark Clothing has some awesome unique pieces!

  3. Great list, I need a pair of boots like those! ^-^

    1. Thanks! Yeah, those boots are totally awesome, haha

  4. dark pink looks pretty cool! didn´t know that one..

    1. I think Dark Pink is great for simple, sexy pieces lol.

  5. I love all of your window shopping , a lot of it is things that i would buy/ wear. Thank you for sending us shop addicts new places to shop <3.
    Love your blog

    1. That means we have great taste in clothes, lol. Thank you so much! ♡

  6. Love the choices :)
    *new follower in the blog

  7. Love this post! <3

    Hanna from


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